Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 17-06-2020

"Aliens" Star Jenette Goldstein Reflects on being a Jew cast as Vasquez
(tags:aliens movie race )
Dexamethasone is first life-saving coronavirus drug
(tags:virus disease medicine GoodNews )
Covid-19: Two new cases in New Zealand, both arrivals from UK
(tags:newzealand UK pandemic )
The heroic gay teacher who helped bring a case to the US Supreme Court, and won.
(tags:LGBT teachers usa )
Top composers used to head to Hollywood. Now they're into games
(tags:games music )
TERF Wars: Why Transphobia Has no Place in Feminism (and why the UK has so much of it)
(tags:feminism transgender LGBT history uk )
Rainbow challah looks amazing!
(tags:bread colour )
How the beekeeper heart-shaped honey image was passed around
(tags:bees photos meme )
Boris Johnson signed contract giving Dominic Cummings 'jurisdiction' over government projects
(tags:UK politics government wtf BorisJohnson )
Germany has its Covid-19 app, so where's the UK's?
(tags:UK pandemic apps )

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