Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 15-06-2020

Defund the police? Here's what that really means.
(tags:police usa )
Message to White Allies from A Black Anti-Racism Expert: You're Doing It Wrong
(tags:racism behaviour viaMorag )
Henry Dundas descendant defends ancestor's record
I really would like to understand the right of this. Would it have passed without his amendment? Anyone know an expert?
(tags:slavery history Scotland )
San Francisco police to stop responding to noncriminal calls
(tags:police USA )
Tips on engaging with people about difficult subjects
(tags:racism behaviour discussion communication ViaDrCross )
Home DNA kits could shed light on different Covid-19 impacts
(tags:genetics pandemic virus viaPatrickHadfield )
Men: How to be friends with a woman in your fandom
(tags:fandom friendship advice )
Ben Whishaw cast as lead in BBC adaptation of This is Going to Hurt
(tags:healthcare UK TV book )

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Tags: advice, behaviour, book, communication, discussion, fandom, friendship, genetics, healthcare, history, links, pandemic, police, racism, scotland, slavery, tv, uk, usa, viadrcross, viamorag, viapatrickhadfield, virus

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