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Interesting Links for 31-05-2020

How to Care for a Toddler and a Newborn at the Same Time
(tags:babies advice )
Coronavirus spreading too fast to ease lockdown restrictions
(tags:pandemic Doom UK )
Trump's Executive Order Isn't About Twitter - It's About Mark Zuckerberg
(tags:Facebook Twitter politics USA )
How the Fake Lesbians of t.A.T.u. Changed Queerness in Russia Forever
(tags:LGBT Russia viaSwampers lesbians )
Oldest nearly complete HIV genome found in forgotten tissue sample from 1966
(tags:history hiv virus )
Microsoft sacks journalists to replace them with robots
(tags:automation journalism Microsoft )
Humpback Whales bounce back from near extinction to help fight climate change
(tags:whales GoodNews Australia )
England to limit students going to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
(tags:England education OhForFucksSake )
Men hired for sexual fantasy break into wrong house
(tags:fetish sex fail )
Why I quit working on Boris Johnson's 'world-beating' test-and-tracing system
(tags:OhForFucksSake pandemic )
Looks like "really good rechargeable toothbrushes" are now cheap (if not available in the UK yet)
(tags:teeth technology )
Why do all your small items end up inside duvet covers in washing machines?
(tags:physics washing viaSwampers )
People Drawn to Conspiracy Theories Share a Cluster of Psychological Features
(tags:psychology conspiracy )
Stormtroopers Used to Enforce Social Distancing at Disney World
(tags:StarWars Disney pandemic )
Leadership, anxiety and apologies - how political leadership impacts on our mental health
(tags:mentalhealth politics pandemic Wales )
Toothpaste with a 'heart of glass'
(tags:teeth )

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