Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 27-05-2020

People with dementia-linked genetic mutation twice as likely to develop severe Covid-19 infection
(tags:genetics virus )
The 'Justice League' Movie You Should Actually Watch (Anyone want to let me know if these are actually good?)
(tags:DC comics movies animation )
Coronavirus spread on Edinburgh ward after patient's transfer
(tags:Edinburgh pandemic healthcare viaJane )
Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival - Writing Awards 2020
(tags:mentalhealth writing Scotland )
If a Pelican overheats it can pull its spine through its mouth to cool down.
Or just how they yawn?

(tags:birds WTF )
How to make an omelette sandwich
(tags:food video )
Asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs struck Earth at 'deadliest possible angle'
(tags:prehistory archeology extinction dinosaurs asteroids )
If the asteroid had arrived ten minutes sooner or later the dinosaurs would have survived
(tags:dinosaurs asteroids viaSwampers extinction )
Twitter's first fact-check on President Trump calls out false claims
(tags:twitter politics usa )
If you have a hard time taking compliments...
(tags:comic advice )
Likely LiveJournal password compromise
(tags:livejournal security fail )

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Tags: advice, animation, archeology, asteroids, birds, comic, comics, dc, dinosaurs, edinburgh, extinction, fail, food, genetics, healthcare, links, livejournal, mentalhealth, movies, pandemic, politics, prehistory, scotland, security, twitter, usa, viajane, viaswampers, video, virus, writing, wtf

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