Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 10-04-2020

How a mixture of policy and scientists reluctant to sound alarmist slowed Britain's response to COVID-19
(tags:pandemic epicfail uk )
Nearly half of global coal plants will be unprofitable this year
(tags:coal )
New discovery suggests London's story goes back more than 3,000 years longer than previously thought
(tags:London archeology prehistory )
How to survive the pandemic when your home is not a safe place to be
(tags:advice abuse panic ViaDrCross )
EU finance minsters agree Covid-19 rescue deal worth €500Bn
(tags:Europe pandemic )

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Tags: abuse, advice, archeology, coal, epicfail, europe, links, london, pandemic, panic, prehistory, uk, viadrcross

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