Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 08-04-2020

Turns out pandas will breed in zoos... if you leave them the hell alone
(tags:zoo panda pregnancy pandemic )
Spike from Buffy reacting to the Lockdown
(tags:Buffy funny pandemic )
The Assassination of Professor X: The Destruction of Marvel's Most Famous Disabled Character
(tags:xmen disability marvel comics OhForFucksSake )
Trump has a personal financial interest in the French drugmaker that makes generic hydroxychloroquine
(tags:drugs politics pandemic )
The rise and fall of Web 2.0
(tags:Web data video history )
"'Bees are good,' Obama says as children scream" is my new favourite headline
(tags:headline barackobama bees )
80% of Steam games earn under $5K in the first two weeks
(tags:games business valve steam )

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Tags: barackobama, bees, buffy, business, comics, data, disability, drugs, funny, games, headline, history, links, marvel, ohforfuckssake, panda, pandemic, politics, pregnancy, steam, valve, video, web, xmen, zoo

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