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Interesting Links for 03-04-2020

Jack Monroe gets brand new show. It's called Daily Kitchen and it's on from 10am-11am.
(tags:cooking tv )
Only a third of English Anglicans now believe Same-sex marriage is wrong.
(tags:marriage gender lgbt religion ChurchOfEngland )
The USA are literally buying medical supplies on the tarmac as they're about to be shipped to other countries
(tags:pandemic capitalism USA )
Researchers Introduce Pooling Method for COVID-19 Testing of Over 60 Patients Simultaneously
(tags:testing virus pandemic )
Coronavirus: Potential vaccine generates enough antibodies to fight off virus, first peer-reviewed study suggests
(tags:immune_system vaccine virus pandemic )
Introducing JIRA Jr. Project Tracking... for Kids
(tags:funny satire video projectmanagement )
Edinburgh approves Princes Street restaurant and hotel plan
(tags:Edinburgh restaurant )
Why the Netherlands has been so badly hit by the Coronavirus
(tags:Pandemic Netherlands )
What Everyone's Getting Wrong About the Toilet Paper Shortage
(tags:business trade design )
Watch this to see the scale of the unemployment problem the USA is now facing
(tags:USA unemployment video Doom )
Bringing 4K and HDR to Anime at Netflix with Sol Levante
(tags:TV anime technology art light hdr HDTV )
Amid virus pandemic, India welcomes twin babies Corona and Covid
(tags:pandemic virus names india )
How to build your very-own pop-up hospital
(tags:hospital architecture design viaPatrickHadfield )
Navy Sacks Carrier Captain, Pulls Another Carrier Off Station Over COVID-19 Concerns
(tags:pandemic navy usa )

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