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Interesting Links for 28-03-2020

The Chloroquine research paper looks incredibly fraudulent. And the lead researcher has a history of fake research
(tags:research fraud virus OhForFucksSake )
Boris Johnson on coronavirus - 'I shook hands with everybody'
(tags:BorisJohnson pandemic OhForFucksSake )
COVID-19 and the English NHS—a national scandal
(tags:pandemic NHS epicfail UK England )
Extreme social distancing - Commercial submarine trips to the bottom of the Marianas Trench are now available!
(tags:Ocean tourism )
Stunning visualisation of where the people who went to Spring Break beach parties went next...
(tags:pandemic video doom )
This is how the American Primary system looks from the rest of the world
(tags:usa politics comic )
"Shaping Humanity" - an artist visualises their evolution from ape to modern day
(tags:evolution video )
Looking at the minutes of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group of the UK government
I'd love to see the inside of their "Lessons Learned" meeting.
(tags:pandemic UK )
Michigan governor says vendors 'being told not to send stuff' to her state — after Trump bashed her
(tags:USA politics pandemic OhForFucksSake )
The NHS is turning to *medical fetish suppliers* for supplies. This is what the last 10 years have done to the country.
(tags:austerity NHS OhForFucksSake pandemic )
FactCheck: could we really have a coronavirus vaccine in six months? 
(tags:vaccine research time )
If major companies made ventilators (funny)
(tags:funny design satire healthcare )
A selection of Quarantine memes
(tags:pandemic meme )

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