Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 27-03-2020

Reminder that you do not have to have sex with your partner just because you're trapped in the house with them
(tags:sex consent )
Clearly some people are spending their quarantine more productively than others
(tags:pandemic video impressive )
A resource for explaining coronavirus to small children
(tags:disease children )
Gordon Ramsay hasn't spoken to staff since laying 500 people off over coronavirus fears
(tags:OhForFucksSake restaurant uk )
British Archaeologists Discover Huge Stash of Victorian-Era Beer
(tags:archeology London alcohol )
Telling Half Life Alyx with Valve in "the meanest interview ever"
(tags:VirtualReality games valve half-life )
The Ibuprofen Debate Reveals the Danger of Covid-19 Rumors
(tags:drugs pandemic )
"To show just how insane this week's unemployment numbers are, I animated initial unemployment insurance claims from 1967 until now. These numbers are just astonishing."
(tags:unemployment visualisation viaSwampers )
RBS Edinburgh headquarters becomes foodbank distribution centre
(tags:rbs Edinburgh food GoodNews )
Coronavirus: Spanish police collar citizen out in dinosaur outfit amid lockdown
Mostly for the music
(tags:dinosaurs Spain pandemic )
I just started reading this parenting blog a friend of mine writes, and am enjoying it quite a lot
(tags:parenting blogging children )

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