Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 22-03-2020

Tracking which businesses are treating their employees well and which aren't during the pandemic
(tags:business viaSwampers )
Comixology Unlimited Free Trial Extended to 60 Days
(tags:comics free viaSwampers )
This is Jane during self-isolation
(tags:funny introversion comic pandemic )
Extensive breakfasting is better than a large dinner for preventing obesity
(tags:food time weight )
Map of people's temperatures as detected by smart thermometers
(tags:USA map disease pandemic )
If you ever wondered how a bat pees, you're welcome
(tags:urination bats video )
Is hydrogen the solution to net-zero home heating? (probably not)
(tags:hydrogen heating uk )
Scottish government furious at people traveling to Highlands and Islands to isolate themselves
(tags:Scotland pandemic OhForFucksSake )
Radio interview with an NHS A&E consultant about what it's like doing a shift right now
(tags:NHS pandemic doom radio interview )
Doctor Who and The Unravelling Text
(tags:drwho writing continuity )

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Tags: bats, business, comic, comics, continuity, disease, doom, drwho, food, free, funny, heating, hydrogen, interview, introversion, links, map, nhs, ohforfuckssake, pandemic, radio, scotland, time, uk, urination, usa, viaswampers, video, weight, writing

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