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Interesting Links for 19-03-2020

Photos: When Everyone Stays Home—Empty Public Spaces During Coronavirus
(tags:disease photos )
All those parents working from home are about to get a lot less work done.
(tags:children disease pandemic )
Inside the model that may be making US, UK rethink coronavirus control
(tags:research disease pandemic )
Checking the "Venice is less polluted without tourists" photos. Fascinating, and impossible even a few years ago.
(tags:facts research viaErindubitably )
How close are we to a vaccine or cure for coronavirus?
(tags:disease vaccine cure )
Herbert Hoover's life is more fascinating than I expected
(tags:USA politics history )
"The Wuhan I Know"
(tags:china comic )
Government bans all tenant evictions for duration of coronavirus crisis
(tags:UK rental housing pandemic )
The World Health Organization does not recommend against the use of of ibuprofen.
(tags:drugs who )
As a GP who's overcome coronavirus, here's what I want you to know
(tags:disease advice )
EXPLAINED: The sweeping new powers included in the government's emergency coronavirus bill
(tags:law uk pandemic )
A plot of COVID-19 cases with quotes from Trump superimposed.
(tags:visualisation politics pandemic )

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