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Interesting Links for 17-03-2020

Like yoga? These people are making their app free so you can keep going during quarantine
(tags:yoga disease ViaDrCross )
If you were wondering what a severe Coronavirus infection is like...
(tags:disease viaSwampers )
Massachuetts' prudent and humane quarantine pay law
(tags:USA disease pay )
Coronavirus: PM says everyone should avoid office, pubs and travelling (and other new advice)
(tags:UK disease advice )
The UK Only Realised "In The Last Few Days" That Its Coronavirus Strategy Would "Likely Result In Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths"
(tags:epicfail Doom disease UK )
On dignity, old age, and bodily functions
(tags:age bodies )
Latest official advice in Scotland
(tags:Scotland advice disease )
Here's the paper (and graph) driving the UK's Coronavirus strategy
(tags:disease research UK Doom viaDrDoug )
Without tourism the canals of Venice run as clear as streams, with fish clearly visible.
(tags:Italy pollution water tourism )
The U.K.'s Coronavirus 'Herd Immunity' Debacle
(tags:UK disease communication epicfail )
There's not enough evidence on whether people with Covid-19 should avoid ibuprofen
(tags:drugs disease )
NandGame - Build a computer from scratch.
(tags:games computers Education )
Graduate Student Discovers One of World's Oldest Swords in Mislabeled Monastery Display
(tags:swords prehistory )

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