Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 08-03-2020

How Americans make tea
(tags:tea usa video )
Coronavirus: Supermarkets say Matt Hancock's promise on food supplies is 'totally made up'
(tags:food supermarkets UK conservatives lies )
2020 will be the most geriatric U.S. presidential election ever
(tags:politics age usa )
Billie Eilish and producer/brother Finneas talk about how they made Bad Guy
(tags:music video )
"Bad Guy (but in a major key)" is relentlessly cheerful
(tags:music video viaNancyLebov )
"Quarantine" has a pretty interesting etymology
(tags:language disease history )
The Nature of Women's Rape Fantasies: An Analysis
(tags:rape fantasy sex women )
Why does soap work so well on the coronavirus?
(tags:virus soap chemistry )
Dog Balloons That Floated To The Ceiling And Got Stuck
(tags:dogs funny viaFergus )

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Tags: age, chemistry, conservatives, disease, dogs, fantasy, food, funny, history, language, lies, links, music, politics, rape, sex, soap, supermarkets, tea, uk, usa, viafergus, vianancylebov, video, virus, women

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