Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 05-03-2020

What's so great about Elizabeth Warren?
(tags:politics USA economics democrats )
Coronavirus means that new Bond movie is delayed until November
(tags:JamesBond movies disease virus )
Visitors to be able to climb Forth Bridge
(tags:trains Scotland bridge Edinburgh )
Highest French court reclassifies Uber drivers as employees
(tags:employment law France )
The Mafia is all but dead in Western New York. So what killed it?
(tags:mafia gambling crime newyork pizza history )
School scraps racist hair rules as they're influenced by white supremacy
(tags:racism hair school children GoodNews )
I've signed this letter to the Guardian protesting the pattern of abusive articles about trans people. Please do likewise
(tags:transgender LGBT petition guardian bigotry )

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Tags: bigotry, bridge, children, crime, democrats, disease, economics, edinburgh, employment, france, gambling, goodnews, guardian, hair, history, jamesbond, law, lgbt, links, mafia, movies, newyork, petition, pizza, politics, racism, school, scotland, trains, transgender, usa, virus

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