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Interesting Links for 04-03-2020

Men overestimate women's interest in them because they project their own interest on to them
The number of people I've seen who think that what they're feeling is a "connection" (i.e. a separate thing that they both feel) rather than an "interest" (i.e. a thing that is happening inside their own head)...
(tags:men sex psychology )
The economic effects of a pandemic
(tags:disease economics viaDanielDWilliam )
A Trump Insider Embeds Climate Denial in Scientific Research
(tags:fraud globalwarming USA republicans OhForFucksSake )
A Rationale for Scottish Independence.
(tags:Scotland independence UK Europe )
A supermarket has calculated the post-Brexit cost of putting a single 'mixed' container (meat, fish, dairy) goods from GB to NI at £6,000 - or "half total value of consignment".
(tags:UK Europe NorthernIreland Doom trade )
The WHO sent 25 international experts to China and here are their main findings after 9 days
(tags:disease China who )
Inside the drug consumption rooms of Copenhagen
(tags:drugs )

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Tags: china, disease, doom, drugs, economics, europe, fraud, globalwarming, independence, links, men, northernireland, ohforfuckssake, psychology, republicans, scotland, sex, trade, uk, usa, viadanieldwilliam, who

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