Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 15-02-2020

A couple of clicks in a bank's spreadsheet caused the biggest fluctuation in Britain's trade figures in modern history.
(tags:gold UK trade weird )
What's going on with geothermal wells?
(tags:electricity energy earth heat )
An Inflammation of Place (the historical diagnosis of NewYorkitis)
(tags:newyork disease cities stress )
Don't aim for passion, be *curious*
(tags:advice passion )
Moving home can affect your children's health and education
(tags:homes children mentalhealth Education )
Some tips on writing British characters
(tags:UK society behaviour )
Flow-Charts of Programming Language Constructs
(tags:programming visualisation )
Dentists threatened by face-mask shortage because of coronavirus
(tags:teeth virus disease Doom )
There and Snack Again: How to eat everything in Lord of the Rings
(tags:lotr food )
How real is "grade inflation"?
(tags:education uk )

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Tags: advice, behaviour, children, cities, disease, doom, earth, education, electricity, energy, food, gold, heat, homes, links, lotr, mentalhealth, newyork, passion, programming, society, stress, teeth, trade, uk, virus, visualisation, weird

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