Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 14-02-2020

In wake of Brexit, EU to put Cayman Islands on tax haven blacklist
(tags:tax uk europe )
There's nothing in the London coronavirus story about what happened to the Uber driver. Who will have then picked up dozens more people!
(tags:virus london taxi doom viaSwampers )
What the Rating Graph for Doctor Who tells me is that people don't hate Jodie Whittaker - give her a good story and it gets an 8.1. They hate the writing.
(tags:drwho visualisation )
RE: Criticism of Thirteenth Doctor for not knowing how to do Emotional Labour for Graham
(tags:women drwho emotions society )
Jules Verne's Most Famous Books Were Part of a 54-Volume Masterpiece Containing 4,000 illustrations
(tags:writing scifi history France illustration )
The Babylonians invented trigonometry a thousand years before the Greeks
(tags:history mathematics )
RBS Group to change its name to NatWest
(tags:banks scotland names )

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Tags: banks, doom, drwho, emotions, europe, france, history, illustration, links, london, mathematics, names, scifi, scotland, society, tax, taxi, uk, viaswampers, virus, visualisation, women, writing

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