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Interesting Links for 13-02-2020

How the Danish electoral system makes it one of the most representative in the world
(tags:denmark elections voting )
When Rage Against The Machine announced they were playing a bookshop
(tags:funny music books shops )
Squabbling mice win photography award
(tags:mice photos nature )
Many stories are told of a legendary trickster, a prankster, a fellow of infinite jest. But what do we really know of this "Bon Jovi"?
(tags:funny music myths viaJohnBobShaun )
Why are all the great philosophers so bad?
(tags:philosophy )
The Myth of the Barter Economy
(tags:economics history )
British man sleeping on streets in Europe after being blocked from entering UK
(tags:UK citizenship OhForFucksSake )
Irish reunification - what does the law say?
(tags:Ireland NorthernIreland UK law viaDanielDWilliam )
How McKinsey Destroyed the Middle Class
(tags:management business inequality )
Jordan Peterson, Addiction, and the Cult of Personal Responsibility
(tags:addiction wtf )
Google's Android Keyboard "GBoard" - 13 handy shortcuts
(tags:keyboard android google )
People Born Blind Are Mysteriously Protected From Schizophrenia
(tags:blindness schizophrenia viaSwampers )
Coronavirus (COVID-19): latest information and advice
(tags:disease virus UK China )

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Tags: addiction, android, blindness, books, business, china, citizenship, denmark, disease, economics, elections, funny, google, history, inequality, ireland, keyboard, law, links, management, mice, music, myths, nature, northernireland, ohforfuckssake, philosophy, photos, schizophrenia, shops, uk, viadanieldwilliam, viajohnbobshaun, viaswampers, virus, voting, wtf

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