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Interesting Links for 11-02-2020

On Children's Books, Pigs and Trains and Why We're Still Talking about Kevin
(tags:gender writing books )
EU clamps down on free ports over crime and terrorism links
(tags:crime terrorism trade europe uk )
Schofield coming out revealed a generational gulf in the gay community
(tags:lgbt society uk history )
Gorgie City Farm: New farm to open on Saturday 29 February.
(tags:edinburgh farming GoodNews )
Ireland-Scotland bridge is scuppered by the MoD
(tags:military UK Ireland bridge Doom )
The Uruk-Hai who wanted to be a tree
(tags:lotr fanfiction )
The Twitter accounts trying to turn people against one another are getting smarter
(tags:Twitter society fraud viaSwampers )
Love Oscar-winner "Parasite"? Here are some more Korean movies to get your teeth into
(tags:korea movies )
Airbus unveils 'blended wing body' plane design after secret flight tests
(tags:airplanes design )
How kids' preferred sleep times affect achievement
(tags:sleep children )

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