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Interesting Links for 10-02-2020

This is the kind of story that never happens to me. And I'm pretty happy about that
(tags:toilets religion mysteries weird )
Some fascinating history of "Penny Dreafuls"
(tags:publishing history )
Storm Ciara: Edinburgh Waverley closed due to overcrowding caused by cancelled trains
(tags:trains edinburgh )
Mathematicians Prove Batchelor's Law of Turbulence
(tags:fluid physics mathematics )
Heavy snow to hit Edinburgh for three days this week as fresh Met Office weather warning issued
(tags:weather Edinburgh snow )
Thousands of Brits either lose or gain a trampoline
(tags:funny weather UK )
A Biologist Explains Biological Sex
(tags:biology sex gender )
Edinburgh's population has grown 13 per cent in a decade
(tags:Edinburgh population )
Storm Ciara helps plane beat transatlantic flight record
(tags:airplanes weather speed )
HS2: Six reasons why the rail route is so expensive
(tags:hs2 trains money )
On "Renewables Without the Hot Air" Estimates of Off-Shore Wind Generation
(tags:windpower UK economics renewables electricity )
Personal info of every Israeli voter leaked after Likud uploads their info
(tags:privacy israel voting OhForFucksSake )

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Tags: airplanes, biology, economics, edinburgh, electricity, fluid, funny, gender, history, hs2, israel, links, mathematics, money, mysteries, ohforfuckssake, physics, population, privacy, publishing, religion, renewables, sex, snow, speed, toilets, trains, uk, voting, weather, weird, windpower

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