Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 07-02-2020

Derek Mackay, The Sun, and the Scottish Budget
(tags:politics harrassment scotland )
Climate change: Clean tech won't solve warming in time
(tags:Technology globalwarming doom )
Gulls, buckets and masturbation: a lighthouse keeper on The Lighthouse
(tags:movies Ocean history )
A challenge for those in favour of the United Kingdom joining the European Union
(tags:UK Europe )
Two cheers for the dematerialising economy
(tags:thefuture hope technology economy manufacturing )
Adventurer parents to hold Alignment Reveal party for their new baby
(tags:dungeonsanddragons funny morality fantasy satire )
Summary of Scottish budget 2020-21: Key points at a glance
(tags:budget Scotland )
Netflix: Turn Off Autoplaying Previews
(tags:Netflix UX )
Wow. I've just been looking at this list of benefits of joining the EU and I think we should probably do that. It looks really awesome
(tags:Europe UK )
Boeing patched a software bug 2 hours before their spaceship reentered the atmosphere
(tags:software bug spaceflight )
Why did the Lib Dems do so badly in the last election?
(tags:politics uk libdem )

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Tags: budget, bug, doom, dungeonsanddragons, economy, europe, fantasy, funny, globalwarming, harrassment, history, hope, libdem, links, manufacturing, morality, movies, netflix, ocean, politics, satire, scotland, software, spaceflight, technology, thefuture, uk, ux

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