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Interesting Links for 02-02-2020

Archiving digital art is really really hard
(tags:art technology )
It is ok not to feel bad about feeling this way
(tags:emotion comic )
Cutting corners cost Boeing $19Bn. I wonder how much it saved them.
(tags:business safety epicfail )
What do you do if a rhino walks straight up to you while you're filming and wants a belly scratch?🦏
(tags:rhino video cute )
A thread of the Brexiter interviews from last night. Lovely people, all of them.
(tags:Europe UK society OhForFucksSake )
Not All Routines Can Become Habits: What You Need To Know
(tags:behaviour habits viaFrancescaElston )
Brexit trade talks: EU to back Spain over Gibraltar
(tags:Gibraltar UK Europe Spain )
The Crown will end after season five, with Imelda Staunton as Queen
(tags:royalty TV Queen UK )
An indigenous community in Mexico finds its voice — and its strength (they kicked out the corrupt politicians and loggers and rebuilt their lives)
(tags:Mexico corruption )
A parole board sent a convicted wife-murderer to a sex worker *because* they knew he was a danger to women but wanted to make sure he got his "sexual needs" met. The guy murdered the 22-year-old sex worker.
(tags:Canada murder sexwork OhForFucksSake )
Finally, proof that procrastination is good (on Tolkien and Chaucer)
(tags:Tolkien procrastination writing )

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Tags: art, behaviour, business, canada, comic, corruption, cute, emotion, epicfail, europe, gibraltar, habits, links, mexico, murder, ohforfuckssake, procrastination, queen, rhino, royalty, safety, sexwork, society, spain, technology, tolkien, tv, uk, viafrancescaelston, video, writing

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