Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 01-02-2020

Westminster Cannot Block Scottish Independence (but 51% is not nearly enough for a unilateral declaration)
(tags:Scotland independence law UK )
SSE Renewables to build first subsidy-free wind farm
(tags:windpower scotland economics )
Fictional characters fight! (My favourite was Granny Weatherwax Vs Professor X)
(tags:fighting fiction funny )
Otters spotted in Edinburgh city centre (in the canal)
(tags:Edinburgh animals video canal otters )
Looks like the government have finally realised they're going to have to have customs checks
(tags:trade UK Doom Europe )
How we pay attention changes the shape of our brains
(tags:brain attention )
Keir Starmer comes out for electoral reform
(tags:Labour reform voting UK )

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Tags: animals, attention, brain, canal, doom, economics, edinburgh, europe, fiction, fighting, funny, independence, labour, law, links, otters, reform, scotland, trade, uk, video, voting, windpower

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