Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 30-01-2020

Watch six decade-long disinformation operations unfold in six minutes
(tags:Twitter society fraud manipulation )
What happens when a 96 bitcoin ransom payment ends up on an exchange? (It depends on whether it counts as "money")
(tags:money crime )
This explanation* of Cats is fantastic. *not actually an explanation. Cats cannot be explained
(tags:cats musical wtf )
Terrifying video: a bushfire takes less than a minute to turn an ordinary street into Hell on Earth.
(tags:video fire Australia )
MoviePass is finally actually dead. I'm totally shocked
(tags:movies fail business )
"Ouija Shark" definitely comes from the Roger Corman school of "Nice title, here's a budget" movie making.
(tags:sharks movies horror awful trailer )
Brain networks come online during adolescence to prepare teenagers for adult life
(tags:brain teenagers adolescence )
Huawei ruling will cost us £500m, says BT
(tags:huawei BT uk phones internet Technology )
Incredible new aerial photos of Edinburgh St James reveal sheer size of development
(tags:edinburgh construction shopping )
Map reveals the most and least deprived areas in Edinburgh
(tags:maps inequality poverty edinburgh scotland )

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Tags: adolescence, australia, awful, brain, bt, business, cats, construction, crime, edinburgh, fail, fire, fraud, horror, huawei, inequality, internet, links, manipulation, maps, money, movies, musical, phones, poverty, scotland, sharks, shopping, society, technology, teenagers, trailer, twitter, uk, video, wtf

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