Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 29-01-2020

FactChecking the coronavirus
(tags:facts virus disease China )
How microwaves and electricity are killing weeds
(tags:farming microwave electricity )
Woman With Coronavirus Symptoms Dodges Security to Eat in Michelin-Starred Restaurant
(tags:disease food OhForFucksSake )
It is important to talk about your salary
(tags:salary transparency )
The Fantastically Strange Origin of Most Coal on Earth
(tags:prehistory carbon trees bacteria )
Johnson won't say so, but the real decision about Huawei was made years ago
(tags:China phones technology UK )
The "where's my elephant?" theory of history
(tags:UK Europe history society Doom )
Genetically Engineered Self-Limiting Moth Is Released Into an Open Field | Technology Networks
(tags:genetics insects )

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Tags: bacteria, carbon, china, disease, doom, electricity, europe, facts, farming, food, genetics, history, insects, links, microwave, ohforfuckssake, phones, prehistory, salary, society, technology, transparency, trees, uk, virus

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