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Interesting Links for 25-01-2020

EU draws map for Boris Johnson of where customs checks he says don't exist will go
(tags:UK Europe NorthernIreland trade doom )
Astronauts bake space's first ever cookies - and are surprised by how long it takes
(tags:cooking space food )
Hydrogen injected into UK gas grid for first time in groundbreaking UK trial to reduce carbon
(tags:hydrogen carbon heating uk )
Tesco to stop sale of plastic-wrapped multipacks in stores - saving 350 tons per year
(tags:plastic supermarkets environment )
The best co-op games on PC
(tags:games cooperation )
Maternity ward dads: Kick them out or welcome them in?
I was sent home at 10pm, when we'd both been up since 4am, and Jane was still recovering from the birth. I wish we'd had the option for me to stay and support her.
(tags:children childbirth scotland )
Police begin operational use of Live Facial Recognition in London
(tags:london faces Technology police )
For Nancy Drew's 90th birthday they're killing the beloved girl detective so that her male counterparts, the Hardy Boys, can investigate her death.
(tags:comics wtf gender )
Man who called his shop "Singh'sbury" says 'it's just a coincidence'
(tags:sainsbury's shopping intellectual_property UK )
The romance writer who saved Jews from the Nazis
(tags:viaDanielDWilliam Jews history romance writers Holocaust refugee )
Someone forced a bot to read over 1,000 Garfield strips and then asked it to write an episode of its own. Here is what it looks like
(tags:garfield AI video funny weird )
Watch as 19th century time capsule discovered in Edinburgh Robert Burns statue is opened
(tags:Edinburgh history trams )
I would love to know the gender ratio of assholes
(tags:relationships gender wtf )
Boris Johnson warned chances of securing Japanese trade deal hangs on Brussels agreement
(tags:trade UK Europe Japan )

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