Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 19-01-2020

Scotland exported about a billion euros worth of electricity to England in 2019
(tags:electricity England UK Scotland )
Absolutely not the truth about politics
(tags:politics comic predator )
Photographer Travels The World To Capture Every Skin Tone In Pantone Style
(tags:colour humans photos )
[cw: strobing] Nicolas Cage head turn using 63 posters
(tags:actors weird art animated_gif )
Fascinating discussion about what games we play that aliens might independently invent
(tags:games aliens )
Scientists find that tin found in Israel from 3,000 years ago comes from Cornwall
(tags:UK Israel metal trade prehistory )
Oil Rig Workers Get Emotionally Vulnerable To Make The Job Safer
(tags:emotions safety work )
Police, survivors debunk human trafficking kidnapping myths
(tags:rape abuse myths )

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Tags: abuse, actors, aliens, animated_gif, art, colour, comic, electricity, emotions, england, games, humans, israel, links, metal, myths, photos, politics, predator, prehistory, rape, safety, scotland, trade, uk, weird, work
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