Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 16-01-2020

Are you really at your most miserable at 47.2 years old?
November 1st last year for me. It was a good day.
(tags:happiness psychology )
Here is a trailer for a really stereotypical Manic Pixie Dream Girl movie. Are there any examples of this with the genders reversed? (And I don't mean "and then she meets a prince", I mean the same trope)
(tags:tropes movies trailer gender )
What is the name for this type of man?
(tags:men UK )
The terrible effects of Drop Bears
(tags:jokes military australia )
Why Japan is so successful at returning lost property
(tags:Japan society property )
Sex Abuse Crisis in Amish Country
(tags:rape Amish viaSwampers )
An ant colony has memories that its individual members don't have
(tags:ants memory )

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Tags: amish, ants, australia, gender, happiness, japan, jokes, links, memory, men, military, movies, property, psychology, rape, society, trailer, tropes, uk, viaswampers
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