Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 15-01-2020

What it's like to freeze to death
(tags:temperature weather death cold viaElfy )
Who wants to know the rules to knife karaoke?
(tags:rules music fighting )
Star Wars 9's Original Story From Colin Trevorrow Reportedly Revealed
(tags:StarWars )
A Massive Global Reforestation Project Is How We Fix Climate Change
(tags:climate geoengineering forests viaCipherGoth )
Cumbria's Eden Valley to see reintroduction of beavers
(tags:wildlife uk )
A new approach to making airplane parts, minus the massive infrastructure
(tags:airplanes design manufacturing nanotech carbon )
Cryptominers are now hiding their code in WAV files
(tags:cryptography virus malware )

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Tags: airplanes, carbon, climate, cold, cryptography, death, design, fighting, forests, geoengineering, links, malware, manufacturing, music, nanotech, rules, starwars, temperature, uk, viaciphergoth, viaelfy, virus, weather, wildlife

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