Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 13-01-2020

How Animals Behave When We Aren't Looking (gorgeous magical art)
(tags:art animals magic viaNancyLebov )
Inspiring middle-age success stories
(tags:MiddleAge success twitter )
The Machine Stops (working when you take all of the people out of the process)
(tags:automation process )
Edinburgh woman becomes youngest to reach South Pole solo
(tags:antarctic edinburgh women )
What's been driving long-run house price growth in the UK? (Low interest rates)
(tags:uk housing )
Iran protests escalate as public anger against leaders grows
(tags:iran protests )
The debate of our era.
(tags:war satire TheOnion Iraq Ian USA viaJohnBobShaun )

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Tags: animals, antarctic, art, automation, edinburgh, housing, ian, iran, iraq, links, magic, middleage, process, protests, satire, success, theonion, twitter, uk, usa, viajohnbobshaun, vianancylebov, war, women

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