Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 09-01-2020

Twitter will test reply limiting feature to beat back trolls
(tags:Twitter abuse conversation )
Is too much screen time bad for children?
(tags:health mentalhealth technology children )
Scottish councils to get new powers to crack down on Airbnb-style lets
(tags:Scotland regulation housing )
U.S. cancer death rate drops by largest annual margin ever (due to lung cancer improvements)
(tags:cancer GoodNews USA )
Local actress successfully deprograms member of hereditary cult
(tags:monarchy work satire funny UK )
Isaac Asimov, the bottom-pinching, breast-grabbing grandmaster of science fiction
(tags:scifi harrassment asimov )
2019 saw the rise of wind power and the collapse of coal
(tags:uk renewables windpower coal electricity )
Town of the Year push falls flat after failure to realise site is a city
(tags:fail city UK Conservatives viaSwampers )
Billionaire Charles Koch Doesn't Understand Why Character in First Place Can't Also Get Blue Shell
(tags:Mario inequality satire games funny )

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