Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 05-01-2020

What are the consequences for the killing of General Suleimani?
(tags:middle_east Iran iraq viaTaheerah )
What Teenage Boys Still Don't Know About Sexual Assault
(tags:rape boys society RapeCulture education )
How to fix Northern Rail
(tags:transport UK fail )
How Archive Of Our Own and Dreamwidth grew out of Livejournal's mistakes
(tags:fandom livejournal dreamwidth fanfic )
Pain, Mental Pain, and Fatigue scoring
Bookmatking my own blog post so I can find it again if I need it.
(tags:pain mentalhealth scoring numbers energy )
Were 88% of Tory Facebook adverts lies?
(tags:lies politics UK viaCipherGoth )
11 Things You Really Should Stop Recycling
(tags:recycling )
➡️➡️drift Did people know that there was a Lego "Passion of the Christ" movie and that you can watch it on Amazon Prime?
(tags:religion christianity Lego movie )

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Tags: boys, christianity, dreamwidth, education, energy, fail, fandom, fanfic, iran, iraq, lego, lies, links, livejournal, mentalhealth, middle_east, movie, numbers, pain, politics, rape, rapeculture, recycling, religion, scoring, society, transport, uk, viaciphergoth, viataheerah

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