Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 23-12-2019

Girl, six, finds plea from Chinese prison slaves inside Tesco kitten Christmas cards
(tags:Christmas slavery China Tesco uk )
The problem with people but understanding how frosted glass works. This causes problematic behaviour
(tags:glass physics )
Giant surveillance balloons are lurking at the edge of space
(tags:surveillance balloon stratosphere )
Israel set to be investigated for war crimes in Palestinian Territories, ICC announces
(tags:crime war Israel Palestine )
Medieval! Cannibal! Babies!
(tags:history religion babies cannibalism )
Edinburgh's Hogmanay organisers are trying to make people apply for access to their own homes
(tags:Edinburgh party OhForFucksSake viaDanielDWilliam property )
Jamal Khashoggi death: Saudi court sentences five to death
(tags:murder journalism saudiarabia )

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Tags: babies, balloon, cannibalism, china, christmas, crime, edinburgh, glass, history, israel, journalism, links, murder, ohforfuckssake, palestine, party, physics, property, religion, saudiarabia, slavery, stratosphere, surveillance, tesco, uk, viadanieldwilliam, war
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