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Interesting Links for 19-12-2019

The anti LGBT organisation 'One Million Moms' is just one.
(tags:homophobia lgbt USA OhForFucksSake viaZornhau )
What makes something a Christmas film?
(tags:Christmas movies )
Hidden 'dark river' could stretch more than 1,000 miles under Greenland
(tags:greenland ice rivers )
ScotRail contract to end three years early after commuter anger rises
(tags:Scotland trains )
Man threatens to sue magazine for using his photo in article about hipsters looking alike, before realising it isn't him
(tags:clothing identity funny mathematics headline )
Why India shuts down the internet more than any other democracy
(tags:india censorship internet )
The National Theatre's "Smart Caption Glasses" are an awesome use of technology
(tags:disability captions glasses Technology awesome theatre )
Hedge funds hacked into Bank of England briefings
(tags:hacking banking economics uk )
Judge rules that transphobia isn't protected speech
"The approach is not worthy of respect in a democratic society"
(tags:LGBT transgender bigotry hate GoodNews )

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Tags: awesome, banking, bigotry, captions, censorship, christmas, clothing, disability, economics, funny, glasses, goodnews, greenland, hacking, hate, headline, homophobia, ice, identity, india, internet, lgbt, links, mathematics, movies, ohforfuckssake, rivers, scotland, technology, theatre, trains, transgender, uk, usa, viazornhau

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