Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 14-12-2019

Leo Varadkar suggests Boris Johnson ready to sign up to EU standards to secure post-Brexit trade deal next year
(tags:uk europe trade )
'I feel dirty - but Labour took us for granted': Why Workington Man has no regrets about voting Tory
(tags:Conservatives labour class europe uk )
The future of British Europeanism
(tags:uk europe thefuture )
Here are some jokes to make today a little more bearable
(tags:jokes viaSwampers )
The main reasons people (say they) did not vote Labour
(tags:Labour polls voting )
Please don't stick coffee up your bum
(tags:coffee wtf )
The market in new antibiotics is badly broken
(tags:economics antibiotics fail )
Germany reintroduces 'Meister' qualification for craftspeople
(tags:germany craftwork business )
Thousands of penis fish appear on California beach
(tags:penis fish California headline ViaDrCross )
A socialist gives up on British politics
(tags:politics UK sad )
Collapsed retailer Mothercare to sell products in Boots
(tags:shopping UK )
This is, in fact, how I got in to IT.
(tags:technology Jobs it )
Some advice on what Labour need to do next
(tags:Labour politics uk reform )

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