Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 06-12-2019

Study that argued EVs aren't cleaner gets an update
(tags:electricity cars transport environment )
University of Reading threatening to cut 100 per cent of pay if staff don't work unpaid overtime
(tags:university academia pay jobs )
"I spent 22 years in prison for a crime I didn't commit. Ask me anything"
(tags:crime prison USA OhForFucksSake )
Here's a bunch of evidence of antisemitism in the Labour Party (and of the party not dealing with it properly)
(tags:jews bigotry labour )
How to vote in the forthcoming election
(tags:uk elections )
Self-styled 'anti-extremism' campaign just spending thousands on anti-Labour attack ads
(tags:labour politics fraud OhForFucksSake )
The Psychological Impacts Of Poverty
(tags:poverty psychology )
'The Irishman' Gets De-Aging Right—No Tracking Dots Necessary
(tags:age cgi movies MartinScorsese )
Does Who You Are at 7 Determine Who You Are at 63? - A History of the 7-Up Films
(tags:age class society people film movies documentary uk )
Pachelbel's Canon as played on passing trains
(tags:trains music video )

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Tags: academia, age, bigotry, cars, cgi, class, crime, documentary, elections, electricity, environment, film, fraud, jews, jobs, labour, links, martinscorsese, movies, music, ohforfuckssake, pay, people, politics, poverty, prison, psychology, society, trains, transport, uk, university, usa, video

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