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Interesting Links for 03-12-2019

It is the fiftieth anniversary of the most culturally important work of the 20th century
(tags:Muppets video music )
UK factories are laying off workers at fastest rate for seven years
(tags:uk manufacturing fail )
Our Ability To Recognise Dogs' Emotions Is Shaped By Our Cultural Upbringing
(tags:society dogs psychology emotion )
"The First Non-Bullshit Book About Organisational Culture I've Read"
(tags:books organisation advice military )
A harrowing personal account of China's concentration camps
(tags:torture China Islam OhForFucksSake )
Lib Dems suspend campaigner after email forgery
(tags:libdem fraud OhForFucksSake )
FactCheck: has Scotland 'subsidised the rest of the UK'?
(tags:Scotland economics oil )
This account of Lukasz the narwhal tusk-wielding hero of London Bridge is epic
(tags:terrorism heroism london video ViaDrCross )
All of the things wrong with Jeremy Corbyn
(tags:politics criticism Labour uk )
Child homelessness hits 12 year high
(tags:homelessness UK poverty children )
Turns out that what you needed this morning was the Waaay Too Happy cover of Rammstein's Du Hast
(tags:music video happiness )
There was no Roman colony in Tucson, Arizona
(tags:italy usa wtf archeology )
The Middle East is rapidly becoming less religious
(tags:religion middle_east GoodNews )
New York City adopts ranked-choice voting
(tags:newyork voting reform )
With little evidence that failing to complete a prescribed antibiotic course contributes to antibiotic resistance
(tags:antibiotics )
AI Plays Hide and Seek...And Surprises Its Creators
(tags:ai Technology video )
Google ads are supporting fake news - here's how we stop them
(tags:bigotry advertising news lies )

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