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Interesting Links for 02-12-2019

Jeremy Corbyn says UK military interventions have fuelled terrorism at home. The public agree (53% to 24%)
(tags:polls terrorism UK Labour )
Precarity the Misery Cat (a poem about academia and job security)
(tags:unions academia poetry security jobs ViaDrCross )
An Epidemic of AI Misinformation
(tags:AI fraud research )
Scientists Confirm Music Is Universal, and It Is Used in 'Strikingly Similar Ways' Across the Globe
(tags:music )
Extremism expert attacks Boris Johnson for misleading public on roots of terror risk and blames 'crazy austerity cuts'
(tags:austerity crime terrorism )
A woman tries on men's trousers and gets very angry indeed
(tags:clothing gender design )
Daily Mail owner buys the i newspaper for £49.6m
(tags:DailyMail newspapers independent OhForFucksSake )
Wildermyth is a simple, beautiful, brilliant RPG.
(tags:gaming stories )
The Tory racism problem is as severe as Labour's
(tags:racism conservatives politics UK )

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