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Interesting Links for 01-12-2019

First catch your gannet ... then prepare for a challenge to nose and tastebuds
(tags:food birds scotland )
That time the Knights Hospitaller, of medieval crusading fame, 'accidentally' became a major European air power.
(tags:airplanes history Europe wtf Italy malta )
The Star Wars Holiday Special is on YouTube if you want to destroy any faith in humanity you had left
(tags:StarWars video christmas awful )
How Corbyn, Johnson and Swinson voted on LGBT issues and legislation
(tags:LGBT politics uk )
I'm with peanut butter penis guy
(tags:peanuts penis food funny viaSwampers )
Boris Johnson was personally warned about risks of freeing terrorists but said there was 'no money' to deradicalise them, ex-top prosecutor says
(tags:terrorism UK BorisJohnson )
10 things you should know about the London Bridge attacker and "early release"
(tags:law crime prison politics UK )
How Edinburgh became the Aids capital of Europe in the 1980s
(tags:aids history Edinburgh Scotland heroin drugs )

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Tags: aids, airplanes, awful, birds, borisjohnson, christmas, crime, drugs, edinburgh, europe, food, funny, heroin, history, italy, law, lgbt, links, malta, peanuts, penis, politics, prison, scotland, starwars, terrorism, uk, viaswampers, video, wtf

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