Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 29-11-2019

Dear (Cis) People Who Put Your Pronouns On Your "Hello My Name Is" Name Tags
(tags:gender lgbt )
Why we should all be playing games
(tags:games )
Can't face a social engagement? Why not send your dad? Like the British prime minister. FFS
(tags:WTF Father BorisJohnson politics UK )
UK police explain decision on Prince Andrew case
(tags:royalty rape uk police OhForFucksSake )
Really Cool Fluid Simulation (touch sensitive on your phone too)
(tags:simulation fluid )
12 EU states reject move to expose companies' tax avoidance
(tags:Europe tax transparency OhForFucksSake )
Lib Dems and Labour are mostly not in direct competition.
(tags:Labour libdem politics UK )
Labour to change strategy with two weeks to go
(tags:Labour UK Europe politics )
There is widespread Islamophobia among Conservative Party members
(tags:conservatives Islam bigotry racism )
18,000-year old puppy found perfectly intact in Siberian permafrost
(tags:dogs wolves prehistory )
Lying liar Boris Johnson lies over his record of lying
(tags:lying BorisJohnson )

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Tags: bigotry, borisjohnson, conservatives, dogs, europe, father, fluid, games, gender, islam, labour, lgbt, libdem, links, lying, ohforfuckssake, police, politics, prehistory, racism, rape, royalty, simulation, tax, transparency, uk, wolves, wtf
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