Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 24-11-2019

African Union urges Britain to cede Chagos Islands, end colonial rule
(tags:UK empire Africa OhForFucksSake )
The evolutionary reasons why farming is hard
(tags:farming evolution viaCipherGoth )
Squishy Tetris
(tags:tetris games video )
Row as woman visiting Extinction Rebellion protester in London prison turned away for not wearing bra
(tags:underwear women prison uk OhForFucksSake viaSupergee )
Inconceivable - How to make a remake of The Princess Bride
(tags:remake movies PrincessBride )
Crime and the Right to Vote (in the USA)
(tags:voting crime usa comic )
The 25 best comics of the 2010s
(tags:comics )
Fact check: Does £80,000 put you in the top 5% of earners?
(tags:pay UK statistics )
The Jungle Prince of Delhi (a quite amazing piece of history)
(tags:India history fraud )
Poll models fail to spot voting variation in similar seats
(tags:polls )
People with PTSD using gaming to help with symptoms
(tags:ptsd gaming psychology )

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Tags: africa, comic, comics, crime, empire, evolution, farming, fraud, games, gaming, history, india, links, movies, ohforfuckssake, pay, polls, princessbride, prison, psychology, ptsd, remake, statistics, tetris, uk, underwear, usa, viaciphergoth, viasupergee, video, voting, women

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