Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 22-11-2019

Trans Rights in the 2019 Election Manifestos
(tags:LGBT transgender politics UK )
Labour manifesto promises to extend HS2 rail line to Scotland
(tags:trains transport Scotland Labour )
Labour manifesto: Corbyn vows to rip up Victorian-era abortion laws
(tags:Labour abortion )
EU 'open to' Corbyn's Brexit policy, says Ireland's Leo Varadkar
(tags:Ireland UK trade europe )
FactCheck: Lib Dem manifesto and the 'Remain Bonus'
(tags:politics economics UK Europe libdem )
Amanda Palmer seems to be harassing the Guardian's deputy music editor
(tags:AmandaPalmer music guardian wtf )
People Go Wild After Someone Asks Them To "Draw A Duck" Based On This Simple Template
(tags:ducks art funny )
What If 80s Cartoons Were Scottish?
(tags:cartoon Scotland funny video bbc viaSwampers )
Projecting materials on to moving surfaces in realtime. (Very impressive technology, looks very cool)
(tags:light Technology )
Semimetallic, reflective form of carbon discovered
(tags:carbon materials )
The Tesla Cybertruck is a _fascinating_ piece of retro design
(tags:design cars Tesla )
Topology-disturbing objects: a new class of 3D optical illusion
(tags:mathematics topology illusion )
Hacker Laws: Laws, Theories, Principles and Patterns that developers will find useful
(tags:development software advice )

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