Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
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Interesting Links for 20-11-2019

Nationalisation for the public good: Labour's radical new programme emerges
(tags:Labour economics UK politics )
How to Have Sex in the 600s
(tags:sex nsfw history religion UK )
40% of multinational profits are shifted to tax havens each year
(tags:tax OhForFucksSake )
Homosexuality and bisexuality commonplace in thousands of animal species and may play key role in evolution
(tags:LGBT sexuality homosexuality bisexual )
Shockingly, it turns out the British press are Pro Tory.
(tags:UK politics newspapers )
Gorgeous outdoor skating on a frozen lake
(tags:Ice video nature )
Ayahuasca alters brain waves to produce waking dream-like state
(tags:neuroscience psychedelics )
Canterbury: Fighting to hold the anti-Tory vote together as election approaches
(tags:politics UK )
Alan Moore on Jerusalem, Superheros, Eternalism, Anarchy and Herbie!
(tags:alanmoore comics superheroes writing interview )
When 331 trans people were murdered this year, it's hard not to feel helpless
(tags:lgbt transgender murder )
If you want a model of what a television debate could look like, here's Roy Jenkins and Tony Benn debating EEC membership in 1975. No studio audience, little intervention from the chair, just 50 minutes of serious and substantial debate.
(tags:Europe referendum history video )
BT joins list of companies that will not work with company linked to Prince Andrew
(tags:royalty business scandal )

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