Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 19-11-2019

Huntington's disease: Woman who inherited gene sues NHS (massive can of worms around privacy and responsibility here)
(tags:disease genetics nhs privacy )
The World Spent $14.4 Billion on Conservation, and It Actually Worked
(tags:nature environment GoodNews money )
Teachers Show Biases Against Overweight Kids, Including Giving Them Lower Grades
(tags:weight bias Education teachers teaching )
Reminder that "The Handmaid's Tale" is based on what some people would like the USA to become
(tags:USA misogyny politics republicans OhForFucksSake )
India closer to world's first male contraceptive injection
(tags:men contraception india )
The fight to get citizenship for descendants of German Jews
(tags:Germany Jews citizenship OhForFucksSake viaMyBrotherHugh )
Two of America's biggest coal plants closed this month
(tags:coal usa )
Hugh Laurie captains a sinking space cruise ship in teaser for Avenue 5
(tags:scifi comedy trailer tv )

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Tags: bias, citizenship, coal, comedy, contraception, disease, education, environment, genetics, germany, goodnews, india, jews, links, men, misogyny, money, nature, nhs, ohforfuckssake, politics, privacy, republicans, scifi, teachers, teaching, trailer, tv, usa, viamybrotherhugh, weight

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