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Interesting Links for 15-11-2019

The "weakest link" theory that explains some of our economic woes
(tags:economics organisation )
AI Clones Your Voice After Listening for 5 Seconds
(tags:ai voice )
The new NI protocol locks *the whole of the UK* into EU state aid rules in perpetuity
(tags:uk NorthernIreland europe )
Put your hands in your pockets like you just don't care!
(tags:video dancing funny children )
We are hounded by Labour's myth of the 2017 contest
(tags:Labour politics elections UK )
PayPal Pulls Out of Pornhub, Hurting Hundreds of Thousands of Performers (one of those situations where bitcoin may actually be a reasonable solution)
(tags:payment censorship paypal )
Newly Discovered Fossil Bird Fills in Gap Between Dinosaurs and Modern Fliers
(tags:birds dinosaurs archeology )
Me and Monotropism: A unified theory of autism
(tags:autism psychology interesting )
Why Frozen appeals
(tags:Disney relationships abuse women movies )
The possible origin of the idea of the doors between worlds being open on Halloween
(tags:Halloween Ireland history )
12-year-old British-Nigerian Whizkid discovers a new way of telling if something is divisible by 7
(tags:mathematics )
FACT CHECK: Ring Around the Rosie
(tags:song children myths uk )
Sea-Thru: A Method for Removing Water from Underwater Images
(tags:Ocean water photography )
The £7,500 dress that does not exist (Digital clothing is the latest "stupidest thing ever")
(tags:fashion digital OhForFucksSake wtf )
Everything is the fault of immigrants. Yes, everything.
(tags:immigration Labour video )
Greens offer basic income by 2025
(tags:uk GuaranteedIncome GreenParty politics )

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Tags: abuse, ai, archeology, autism, birds, censorship, children, dancing, digital, dinosaurs, disney, economics, elections, europe, fashion, funny, greenparty, guaranteedincome, halloween, history, immigration, interesting, ireland, labour, links, mathematics, movies, myths, northernireland, ocean, ohforfuckssake, organisation, payment, paypal, photography, politics, psychology, relationships, song, uk, video, voice, water, women, wtf

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