Andrew Ducker (andrewducker) wrote,
Andrew Ducker

Interesting Links for 14-11-2019

Tesla opens Gigafactory in Berlin. "Brexit made it too risky to put a Gigafactory in the UK"
(tags:uk europe germany factory manufacturing OhForFucksSake )
Jeremy Corbyn U-turns on Scottish independence as he rules out fresh referendum for five years
(tags:scotland labour OhForFucksSake independence )
White House senior policy adviser is a white nationalist
(tags:racism USA politics )
How Disco Elysium's Skill Tree Teaches You Valuable Life Lessons
(tags:roleplaying games life advice socialisation )
Terminally ill scientist 'transforms himself into world's first full cyborg'
(tags:cyborg )
Corbyn rows back on ruling out indyref2 in first term
(tags:Labour Scotland independence )
The battle over Luna Younger, a 7-year-old trans girl in Texas, explained
(tags:transgender USA LGBT )
Lib Dems vow to act on Gender Recognition Act reforms
(tags:libdem transgender LGBT )
Neutrinos lead to unexpected discovery about eigenvectors and eigenvalues
(tags:mathematics physics )
A brief history of Jury Nullification
(tags:law history USA )
The hidden truth: Polling shows the public are open to free movement
(tags:UK Europe immigration )
UK government loses supreme court fight over bedroom tax
(tags:tax disability welfare UK GoodNews law )
An EU negotiator on why any new agreement between the EU and the UK will take years
(tags:UK Europe trade )
The rise of 'facadism' in London
(tags:architecture london OhForFucksSake )
Scientists find eternal Nile to be more ancient than previously thought
(tags:egypt rivers prehistory )

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