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Interesting Links for 08-11-2019

Jeremy Corbyn 'will keep free movement of people' in Brexit U-turn
(tags:Labour immigration GoodNews )
Bond Film Anagrams. Very nicely done
(tags:JamesBond language funny )
Microsoft's Project Silica offers robust thousand-year storage
(tags:glass storage )
When you have already lied to a judge, for god's sake stop digging!
(tags:lying law USA OhForFucksSake )
Neil Gaiman confirms that work is already underway on Sandman season 2
(tags:sandman tv neilgaiman )
On historical women's fashion, patriarchy, and ease of movement
(tags:women history clothing )
Whom the fuck?
(tags:language swearing )
Welcome to Britain (WWII Orientation Film for US servicemen arriving in the UK)
(tags:USA UK history video wwii )
Italy Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre under guard amid death threats
(tags:Holocaust Jews Italy OhForFucksSake )
Man has chip implanted in his brain to help tackle opioid addiction
(tags:cyborg addiction )
Penis-and-scrotum transplant patient reports near-normal erections, orgasms
(tags:penis organdonor )
MRP models and tactical voting
(tags:statistics data voting advice polls )
Massive Facebook document leak gives ammunition to investigators
(tags:facebook )
It keeps going: 1 meter sea-level rise by 2300 is now inevitable
(tags:globalwarming ocean )
A New Floating Solar Farm Shows That Renewables Can Be Easy
(tags:solarpower viaDanielDWilliam water )
Why are India's Twitter users moving to Mastodon?
(tags:twitter india decentralisation socialnetworking censorship )
'Ice eggs' cover Finland beach in rare weather event
(tags:ice eggs finland weird weather )
My friend Kenny takes gorgeous photos, including some great cosplay and concert pics
(tags:photography cosplay music )
When he supported the Norway option: The Brexit policy Farage would rather forget
(tags:UK Europe Norway )
The tech of PIXAR: Piper (modelling millions of grains of sand)
(tags:pixar sand cgi animation )

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