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Interesting Links for 07-11-2019

Revealed: Russian donors have stepped up Tory funding
(tags:conservatives Russia OhForFucksSake )
Transgender Laws in Transition: European Courts on Non-Binary Gender Recognition
(tags:law gender europe )
"Orbital Comics" of London to Stop Selling New Weekly Comics
(tags:comics doom UK )
The proposed ITV debate format is flawed. Other countries do it better.
(tags:uk debate politics tv )
A thread of rating every horse emoji
(tags:horses emoji )
Help me ask "Why you didn't just…?"
(tags:advice questions etiquette )
If You Like to Complain About 'Decimate'...
(tags:language rome English )
Evidence That the Clitoris Is Important for Reproduction
(tags:women orgasm reproduction )
Lib Dems, Greens and Plaid agree 60-seat 'Remain alliance' election pact
(tags:politics hope UK Europe )
Former Twitter employees charged with spying on users for Saudis
(tags:saudiarabia spying twitter )
October was hottest in Earth's recorded history
(tags:globalwarming doom )
A Study of Meditation Under the Influence of Psilocybin
(tags:psilocybin meditation psychology )
The Tories are having a _terrible_ start to their election campaign. Do not be reassured by this.
(tags:elections Conservatives politics uk )
Craigslist's 'erotic services' alone reduced the murder of women in the US by 10-17%. (almost 500 women per year)
(tags:women murder USA sexwork )
The Vampire Apocalypse Calculator
(tags:vampires visualisation )
People have strange internalised rules about money and food
(tags:food money psychology behaviour )
It's Time to Take Down the Mona Lisa
(tags:art history )
"I was an astrologer - here's how it really works, and why I had to stop"
(tags:astrology fraud )

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