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Interesting Links for 06-11-2019

Separating 'gifted' children hasn't led to better achievement
(tags:Education )
What if birds left tracks in the sky?
(tags:birds photography art viaElfy )
Propaganda with faked news footage being spread by Conservative Party
(tags:conservatives fraud elections OhForFucksSake )
Constituency polls vs MRP vs 2017 results: where to look for tactical advice?
(tags:polls elections UK politics )
How a misleading story about Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson went viral
(tags:libdem viral fraud Europe )
British politics is broken — and the electoral system is at the heart of it
(tags:elections politics voting UK )
Non-Voters and How To Win Elections
(tags:voting politics )
UK's richest people exploiting loophole to cut tax rate
(tags:UK tax inequality OhForFucksSake )
Failing 15% of the time is the best way to learn
(tags:learning experience psychology )
Jeffrey Epstein: ABC stopped report 'amid Palace threats'
(tags:UK royalty rape )
René Descartes in The Matrix
(tags:philosophy matrix fanfic )
OnePlus's Android 10 gestures are far and away better than Google's
(tags:Android design ux )
Blackadder Final Scene (The making of) - entirely saved in editing
(tags:TV comedy wwi editing video )
Please do not spread Tory lies - even if they're about politicans you dislike
(tags:Conservatives lies politics )
Democrats claim victory in key Virginia and Kentucky elections
(tags:politics usa GoodNews )

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