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Interesting Links for 02-11-2019

Gorgie City Farm: One of Scotland's last urban farms collapses
We've loved taking Sophia there, such a shame
(tags:farming edinburgh fail sad )
l am really hoping that Rod Liddle and The Spectator fall foul of anti hate laws
(tags:Islam bigotry UK media OhForFucksSake )
I would like to play Diablo 4 now please
(tags:diablo video )
The end of the liberal Tory
(tags:liberal Conservatives politics uk )
No, a genetic study didn't pinpoint the ancestral homeland of all humans
(tags:prehistory humans Africa )
Facebook will allow UK election candidates to run ads full of lies
(tags:lies Facebook politics advertising UK )
The war against today's dangerously dull playgrounds
(tags:history children play safety )
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 Confirmed for April 8 2022
(tags:spiderman animation GoodNews movies )
Met Police hand file of evidence surrounding Boris Johnson's Brexit campaign to prosecutors
(tags:UK law referendum )
Fracking suspended in UK as government makes major U-turn
(tags:UK oil earthquakes GoodNews )
I've gone viral without even knowing about it!
(tags:inequality me AndrewDucker wtf viral )
Heidi Klum's Latest Halloween Costume Is Her Most Over-the-Top Yet
(tags:costumes amazing scifi )
Trauma Is Not Your Fault, But Healing Is Your Responsibility
(tags:trauma advice self-improvement )
Marxist Financial Advice
(tags:finance savings satire funny comic )
Taliban kicked Jews out of prison for arguing too much
(tags:Jews afghanistan argument )
Why are the Conservatives calling a halt on fracking?
(tags:UK oil environment )

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